Tax and Corporate Structuring

Structuring of investments and businesses from an international tax perspective now requires
comprehensive mastering of complex international tax initiatives, including Base Erosion and Profit
Shifting, Multilateral Instruments, Global Minimum Tax, Pillar One and Pillar Two. Our team closely follow
these developments, along with local tax developments, to ensure that our advice is comprehensive and
embodies all relevant international considerations.

  • Cross-border structuring and tax planning for corporates and multinationals
  • Transaction structuring to optimize tax, regulatory and operational efficiency
  • Choice of structuring vehicles and jurisdictions and implementation support
  • Tax treaty analysis and related planning advice
  • M&A and Exit Structuring
  • Corporate Restructures
  • Transformation of family-owned businesses and corporate structures for structural, operational and
    tax effectiveness
  • Succession planning and Wealth Management Structures for HNWIs
Mohammad Akshar Maherally
Mohammad Akshar Maherally
Managing Director
WTS Mauritius
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